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wSaturday, March 01, 2003



Do again that caravan desperado jig
As a bacalao birdsong signal sleep researcher
Fleeing the unborn conscious control

I am an American disappointed with the sports
The thing is feeling at home with words
But what do words feel if what one wants one forces
So far from the ladylike light and black focus

Anytime dawn blood cells
To the window shawl furring bless allocation

Let's assume the first thing
Would have been harmful to him
Wherefore the honor trust and profit
Put on their bibs

Strom Thurmond, impending partial Abraham
Verify they were given the pen

And through this subordinate
Nigeria is voting!
Nobody is certain the outcome-based approach
Fires a gun into the flax

But it is common terns waiting until I am,
Martyrs for the paramilitaries

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