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wSunday, March 02, 2003



Work your way into images you kid.
Talking river follows the diode under
Clapping wooden sledboards. It huddles
Us farther into itself white plans slap.

This homely arpeggio doses.

We watch the consciousness talking
As long dolls scurry ahead in brokered tiers

Give me your uses, let me caress them
Aggressively I can't reach my extortion blimp

So how will I flee these made-up cavalier
Breakers of time-release errata mission control.

Productivity places a compress on a soulless yep.
Bahamian swingset card

Hate in its plague of
Myrtle faux-weirdo eggsac schemers
Scammer hoss biggy.

O talk with a look in your seem alive.

Friable again.
Trip on the look in your eggsac.
Yep flees. She is incredibly practical.
Interrupt sequence looped.

O but I yam stars.
I flee yam stars
Out in their cavalier breakups
With they Nascar.

Tail caught in the tailpipe?
Finest ficus family firmly filing fanmail?
Just worry about it!
Just want the deal singers to bleed.

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