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wSunday, March 02, 2003



I seem to have devoted myself
To this queer math
In the river of queer self-math
For which I gave myself no death
But the death I had hurried
Into the meandering river to vote

And when I was a busrider
The sweet buggy well I tasted it
We were likely to find out
I was really likely in the river
To give math a when self
For which I have to like real votes

But in that sweet really I was buggy
A likely busrider in the river
For which I was like a taste of self
And queer in the hurried river
We were to give death-math
And make maps as we meandered

O meander! the solace bossed me
To a likely taste of real out
And when I was a me of math
I gave when likely hurry gave me death
To queer but really I was seeming
To vote as I rode and taste as I was

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