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wMonday, March 03, 2003


I inhale and it's a seagull
The attention I have is so needle-eyed
And the cat is catching up on sleep

The apples have gone waxy
And the time in this apartment
While harboring me as anxiety rages

At the double-glazed windows is
Making me notice my piety like a plant disease
That I'm not walking to school

Doesn't mean the peace pipe will offer
A freak the chance to arbitrarily chow
Down on essence and summer

The time it takes to have a time
A same-name pre-op gives a damn
About all de-significance and happy stare

The slinky panic dress back where it came from
Now that we accept how these psychic
Interludes scream like birds

How they get form the on-ramp
Takes the breath --
Shallowest critique --

posted by Jordan #