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wThursday, September 16, 2004



Thank you for the wedding;
It always feels good to be in the presence
Of people who know what they're doing.

Thank you for getting married.
Now I can hurry up and get winsome
Whenever you cross my mind.

Thanks for the breadmaker,
The crystal decanter, the Nambe paperweight.
Thanks for the fireplace set,
The authentic rez blankets,
The crockery. You were the only ones
To pay attention to our registry!

Thank you for the institution of marriage
Which may even survive this critical time
So profligate in its encouragement
Of our high expectations.

Thank you for coming to the wedding.
I know it must have been difficult for you
To have all that fun. It meant a lot to us
That when you sang your favorite song,
It was in no way embarrassing. Just messing
With you! See you at the beach next summer,
If we can figure out how to pay for the honeymoon.

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