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wWednesday, November 10, 2004



The human body unfolds
From a threshold of sunlight
And begins querying landing planes
On their training in geometry.

"What is holy is the holiness
Of the most holy. What is holy
Is the holiness of the most high."

We are dust. It is indisputable.
Variation is delightful. Also given.
Altering your normal breathing pattern
Can relax you or give you an attack.

I remember when jazz was solid state.
An early morning yoga program
Gave me a hint of the power of light,
Genome overlap with poodles and fungus.

Somehow is a miraculous word
Papering over deliberate ignorance.
Somehow I woke up to the call to prayer.
I don't deny that we are tiny creatures.

Nevertheless it is bracing to speak
In a moment of danger. To make fun
Of the insects who might as well eat you,
And in a way they half understand.

I have come around to the power of chant.
I still associate it with willful
Self-denial, but can appreciate it
On more than an arts-and-crafts level.

Good for you, the universe says,
Returning my mild condescension.
It repeats it out to the edge of the pancake.

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