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wTuesday, February 08, 2005

You want the contract. I want the contract.
The contract can't happen. The third party
Says the contract can happen, but you have
To make a separate contract with them. They
Want the words they want, not the words you
Think might better represent your interests.
I myself could go either way about the words.
True, this is more than art, but also true,
The enforcement of the words is only years
Out of my life. You know how funny time is.
I know how funny time is. How hostile these
Years are to the water and the air, squishy
Water, slippy ear. I mean air. Know what I
Feel like? I feel like the contract could
Happen when we're not looking, could just
Occur. A third party wakes and doesn't want
To discuss torts. It stumbles through town
Levelling everything that bothers its path.

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