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wThursday, February 17, 2005


I'm a biter
Torrents of white nights
Come through the wires
Eager to sculpt the agenda
Without getting dirty

You're starlight in the macro
Asking me about the drugs
The reviewers refer to
Like I'd ever relax

But that sound like a smell
That feels the room
When we're awake never
Has a chart that explains
The mitigating fax

It has a quiet en garde
For when you accidentally
Knock the oak over
With the dream baton
(Thank memory for dreams!)

Another wide boat anchored
To the chrome floor
Trepanned comedy doctors
Burgle without malice

Be sure to wear pressed chinos
And a clean shirt; it's ok
To forget to bathe of a Sunday
But yes is not automatic
Or gratis in our parish
So blonde it causeth the light
To feel a tingling
In its generally unused envy lobe

The midriff deposed
The sheriff took a Wellbutrin

Some sighing sounds
Indicating the forced march
Continues year on year
To replace a wild cameo
In the soft parsley

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