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wFriday, March 11, 2005


The papers are
Everywhere, a hundred
And sixty cds
Tucked in their pockets.
Felt piled high
On the scrap wood
Sculptures. There is a
Distinct Collyer
Bros feeling to
Chez Moi today, which
Makes sense given
The preference
For objects my
Vocabulary did this
Etc, hunched over
Feeling of why?
He's not six,
Not thank goodness
Asthmatic -- the light
Coming in from
The north reminds me
Not to stay home
Full time watching
The mail fall
From the sky. Taking
Stock of the mission
Again, it's like music
Begging to be busted
By the rolling pins,
Guess what we need
For a rainbow? Red,
Orange, yellow, green,
Blue, violet! That's
How much we need.

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