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wSunday, May 15, 2005



Standing off the curb at 57th and 8th
With the posture of malaria alerts
Commanding me to be faithful
To the fire feeling that clenches me up
I'm forgetting the law of introductory portent
That going on too long before you get going
Leads you into the valley of the phone cards
In fact I'm forgetting a lot more than that
Because I'm remembering two or three things
Keep my son keep my job keep myself
From taking up residence in Depression Arms
The cabs go by the light hasn't changed
I cross and head straight for the deli
With a deal on Autoflow Guinness
A dollar-fifty a can then I make
For the papier mache pig
For three pints of red I'm not
Going over to Todd's until they're asleep
Busting in on sex or coin collecting
Is closer to shiny 1984 tv than
Ninety-one noir I just feel extra heel
Mo referendum please I play video trivia
I scope out the lesson plans I know something
After years of hearing no I don't
My son is asleep or so I hope
My clothes are at my feet enduffeled
I'll be out of here by eleven-fifty
Batter-dipped in smoke and alky conversation
Todd Tim Troy Christine I leave Guinness rent
I don't tie off or snort anything neat
My flask is my cell and I keep it clean

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