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wWednesday, May 25, 2005



Lately I've been trembling all the time.
I am like one who covets a rock tumbler

From the pages of some forlorn catalogue
While cradling all the lists of why

It won't work, simply to take some blame.
I am filled with excitement at that name.

When I think of it I start to shine.
Armor must have been incredibly dear,

Just think of the gratitude of its wearer.
He trembles imperceptibly inside.

Gymnastics are not a possibility,
And moving at great speeds requires

Another great expense, with its own
Thankfulness for metal. I want to say

A little prayer to all the computers.
I believe perhaps too much in bathing

To make a good battle reenactment buff.
I wish there was a straight road

To the heart of time, an empty place
Mottled with pulses of tree-light.

posted by Jordan #