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wThursday, May 26, 2005



The big wrinkle understood
Just this -- spring comes
To take over the world,
A Cuba we can't believe away

Its idiot program is pleasure all over

The first to admit defeat
Is covered under an adult language
Like two cakes, and the music
Coming from Klipsch speakers

Oh to have experience
And still be excited
To discover how small the windows
Look from the highway,

It would be impossible
To account for the sunlight
Coming from the room

If it's being hurt you want
You've found the right garage,
Is that the center of all melody
Or is your guitar just happy

I'm surrounded too
Singing "Let me be the one"
To the alternating ions
Chuckling at the harmony

I don't know about you but
It's frizzling me

posted by Jordan #