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wThursday, June 09, 2005


I could never cry
Until tonight
When you passed by
Coughing and staring
Over the bunting
You keep your anger in
A kiss for little bear
A nose for business

The solution
To the next day
Is an essay
The blues rolls
Down its windows
A dance crasher

The rabbit scurries
To the next paragraph
Train music
Keeps us company

This is our pleasant
Present moment
Built for seething
I know that
Is the catchphrase
Of its hit sitcom

The cherries here
So red they're blue
Like something else
We don't mention
In this attempt
To pass unnoticed
In the way we think
Means being adored

Being the dictionary
And breaking a crystal
Off the butter dish
Throwing a pot
Into the bonfire
To celebrate
Being on the roof
Covered with amethysts

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