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wMonday, June 13, 2005



Driving down the parkway I'm
wishing the trees were
giant feathered sleeping things

That's something I don't divide
from its appointed caretaker,
the heatwave from the hood,
meat gravy from your bread

The afternoon comes on like a hurricane

The music waits for you,
looking for something
without a firewall

Didn't I write it in bluish white
along the length of your heartbeat

The good news is there's a riot in Santa Barbara
The bad news is they're evacuating Galveston

The one I love
wants to know which one she is anyway
from here to Windsor Terrace

Take a leak on the picture of the insurance company

There's nothing new
for you to do
so why not stick around
and sweat your guitar away

We love it when you close your eyes
'cause it means you're telling the truth

Something about your mother
and your second oldest brother

When we go running across the street
the signs all point the other way

If it would make you blush again
I'd tell you what kind of people I come from

I know your name, don't get dressed

posted by Jordan #