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wTuesday, July 05, 2005



The analysts
Hovering among gladioli

Are diversely
Bilingual --

Patchwork earth's
Filmy buttericks

Go drifting
Off the sideboard,

The thriftiness
They embody

Rising in value
All the same.

No such thing.
The worst music

Slowed down
Enough... could...

The oblivious core

I am living
In the country.

A social dream
Fears bloom

Into, disease
Being only the most

Imagining. Nearest

Neighbor's a mile
Down. There are

Still enough miles
For us each

To videophone
The cartoon truth,

Bless the 3rd
Airborne for that.

The core's hot,
The light

On the canal

This alone wish
In the densest

Favela with easy
Access, no plane,

Just parking.
Do I even know

What I'm saying?
Used to.

May yet again.
Risk correlates

To the ability
To recover dreams,

Reward to

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