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wMonday, September 05, 2005



I've never cared much for this phrase
But then I've never much wanted to stare
Into what it might mean or why anyone
Might say it -- it doesn't start fights,
This eating shit business, even though
It sounds to me like it would. What
Do I know? I've taken (like so many others
I know, have loved, worked for, smiled at)
So many less loaded phrases for insults,

I want to break into a car
And not take anything

Or go running in the woods
Singing arias from Telemann

Speak truth to women
And lies to money

Waking up every morning
To the motrin of drayage
Plume ferns agnostic a much
Needed window blink oboy oboy

Mostly though I want
The presence of mind
To make a meal when I'm hungry
And get laid when I'm what,
Awake? some dreamer
Of romantic spice racks
I'm turning out to be

Some Bugs Bunny shooting
Han Solo first

Some index card essayist
Of the Chevrolet Impala endzone machismo

Some tivo programmer

Some friend of literature's less guarded mimicking
Of the plaza outside the Department of Energy

Well, in that case
Let me just shuffle
And deal, can I get
A bless for rest of yes the best southwest
By west confess no less to guess for

Standing in the path of the oncoming car

Dreaming of the light changing
At the turn of the season

Admiring the prose of Ford Madox Ford
And generally being
The good friend

A bit clueless with segues
And opportunities to give gifts

But on average maybe not as
How you say
As the expression implies.

posted by Jordan #