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wWednesday, September 07, 2005


The internet.

DUDE: Dude, you're not writing like the internet.

DUDE: Chillax, dude, I will soon enough.

DUDE: That's what you said about rap, and ten years later
You're still all verse paragraph this, iambic pentameter that.

DUDE: IP is bananarama!

DUDE: The Beatles are the future of National Geographic.

DUDE: Dude.

DUDE: Dude, you haven't generated new slang in like
Two years, I'm hearing everything you write
In a headgear-lisp, maybe you should go animate some gifs.

DUDE: Dude, what is this crap you're listening to?
No wonder you're depressed.

DUDE: Dude.

DUDE: Dude.

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