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wFriday, October 14, 2005


Part of the fun of any speech act
Is knowing when to play along or not
With the expectations of
The other party. Fun, in this context
(As in so many others), is a code word
For reserving the right to control:

What we exchange when we agree to hang out
Are emotional nerf coupons
Good for the light on the prairie
Or if you prefer a validation stamp
On your "I'm only co-opted ironically" button.

Sincerity is a desirable quality
To find in the person who vows love for you.
Someone sincere with everyone they meet
Is an admirable case indeed, especially
If they aren't being merely polite.
Don't bother to search for an antonym;
It isn't irony, in any case.

If only we could free the preoccupied as easily
As someone whose coat is caught on a thorn.

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