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wThursday, January 19, 2006



Minus the play bream no one
Honestly thought kids'd cozy
Up with, the idea wagon was
Mainly falutin' their wide craws
For a plural chorale, headquarters
Going from orange to Idaho
Like marmite on weetabix
Or show ditzes plonking
Now you see it into a guess your age
Fermata disposal. I could staff
Through this character mint
With an aerosol pervert
As my trope corps, but the thought
Of the sooey pig pig pig
Claymationing my sexual harassment
Into a luxury rental
Converted my dim sum landscape joy
For quick resale on the gray market.
It toned me down, even as I mastered
The reverse curl. But I had a plan:
Choose only those words
That made my window of opportunity
As I liked to call her in those days
Dream up a use for all this
Linty tylenol
Covertly operating
On the prudent man rule. She was,
In fact, and still are, actually,
The apocryphal kind there's one of.

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