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wTuesday, January 31, 2006



Obstacle course
No, no problem -- problem

I am tired of survival mode
This bomb shelter morning
To have played a string instrument
The communitarian impulse
Sings the blues

Kablooey sings the blues
The family of man sings the blues

I am turning green and singing the blues

The good souls who eject paragraph
For M'sieur Tarzan

In America we love cars so much
(On TV)

I love TV so much

I.e. taxes

The average soul collection, now, that
Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Band

So instantly memorable

Unless the high spirits
(Back to soul math)
Clack-factory deists
Such as Mr. Dean Young
Whose proofs of lineage
Go totally unnoticed
For providing the soundtrack to the poems

David Sylvian's father caught rats

Play your eggs at a moderate volume
To register the car

Furious I find lots to neglect

For example I have never spent any time
Rehanging doors
To say something loving

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