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wThursday, February 02, 2006



Is the whole of the law.
Plug and play.
Lock and load.

I'm prepped for riots,
Made of mustard
And the chances of a guess
Are noticeable

In this rec room version of the thing itself --
Imagine those soft pools
Leading anyone into temptation.
And yet there is no cultural life

No one reads is code: leisure
Too much of a good thing
Along with education
And a savings account.

Time. Time is unavailable,
Sorry try again,
A soft pool
We wait in, staring at ads.

God I hate difference
And talk about anything but the truth,
The whole truth,
Oh look out here comes the truth.

The truth is I love you
And your wife.
You've got to live
To live for yourself for yourself

For yourself and nobody else.
That means getting away
From people who say how
You've got to live, fine.

posted by Jordan #