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wThursday, February 02, 2006


I show my ID at the door
And come barreling through the fire
I am chanting the news
To a team of steam freaks
They bleep my better ideas
But they're chuckling so I keep going

Now we're at the top floor
The upper echelons
The board room with the mixed pretzels
And I can't stop gumballing them
I'm like a preset troubadour
Jumping up on the swivel chair

They're all for it now
It's like a scene in a movie
I have yet to make
I'm yelling, they're yelling
The security guards come in
And they start yelling too

I'm having a great time
The weather is too
From up there you can see
Halfway to Delaware
Then instantly I'm asleep
In the back of a car

And the boss is smiling
As I wake up, you sure
Gave em hell in there
And I smile as wanly
As the hero rule book allows
And fade into a dream

Where I'm losing my teeth
And they turn into airplanes
Someone named Betty
Is making me come but I'm like
Betty, my non-dream body
Can't do that now, here's my card

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