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wMonday, February 06, 2006


This end-time feeling
A sheep on the side of a hill
Is no war gracing
The imagination's cavern club
With bituminous barkyard
Intimacy radios,
But a shall-I winter sport
Naturally shown the day
As a persistence
Cloud-like i.e. formed
By vanishing from the earth
To loom. It lowers the eyes
To deduce the slip of made
Room coasts, oh vinyl
In clack-rates caramel
Pin fastening the numb
Entry page to astound blue night.
Quoth the meridian,
Right, and indeed,
Coffee swathed
A cold glow into a cot.
The dream of a miniature,
A pantone grommet
Listing for reference to the trade
The facial expressions,
The speaking heart rate...
I can stage that rejection
In four brief notes.
The newsweeklies
Arrive long after law and unions
Are printed on rocks.

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