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wMonday, March 06, 2006



There is one love

This is the kind of information
Songs can be relied on to provide

The singer will have divorced
The cells will have dovened
The parallel magnetic fields
Will hum like water in pipes

The audience will love
To repeat the information

They don't know what it means


What can one do pachinko:
What is to be done
Isn't one too small to do anything
One never knows
Do one

I too pay to watch a person
Undergo the experiment
Of having what he wants

Sitting at the Olivetti
Rattling out scenes of life

The salient fact about any network
Is that it does not just make your breakfast

It practices taking off and landing.
It practices taking off.

The joke becomes part of the news
The pissant infant wears a weave


Do you believe the fireman's oath
Makes him a statue
That gives off light and heat?
The look on the marshal's face the same
Before and after he takes the envelope
From the super of the miswired walkup

There is a plaque outside his station

Being alove is like carrying around an old notebook,
The word wants to stop and start,
Pile driver applause noisemaker streetscenes

You've got some love
On you,
The sound of nested clauses,

The arterial stretching out to the sky
Of existing to be used,
Taking off and forgetting its camera,
Leaving home and writing for money

Running all out from the factory of loathing
I am part of this parody of love
But I have a real love. I have a passport.


Undivided -- prayers.
Undivided cancelled stamp courier milling praisesong
Plan troglodytes.
Who would divide them

Who even knows where they are
Now that they've gone out to smoke

The number one bribe the happy meal
The quality that makes you unique

Afraid of the joke,
Despite or because of the recent attempts
To build monuments to it.


The entire country gets together
To watch "Afraid of Love"

The number one album this week
"Fear and Self-Loathing"

I download them both
And curl my knees up to my chest

Sitting up in bed to write you a letter

A complete set of letters
To decorate your classroom

If you want to talk you can try to reach me
If I want to talk I can try to reach me too


I think I know what I mean
When I sing along with a "one love" song

The love I feel
Is the same
As the love others feel for me

The same as the love others feel for others

Same as in it feels the same
It serves the same purpose
In all of our lives
Whether or no we know how to let it

I wonder sometimes though
If these super wealthy singers
Aren't thinking of love
As a kind of currency, a form of exchange

For example I hear about
A special technique of Jerry Hall's
And I am convinced
The singers are smiling at all of us singing
Across the stadium and through the time

They are happy to take one love from each of us
I condone this arrangement

It helps me to remember
The stars are projected onto the ceiling


I get to wear black forever, or at least
Until the car cassette deck malfunctions

I get to feel a velour interiority
Just by saying one word over and over

And in that sand painting hollow of a word
I can do whatever I feel like with you

Mostly it involves running in parallel
And pulling you close in an even rhythm

One light touch on the neck
One quick call after lunch
One room one bed six pillows one windowshade
And one shadeless window

Try it with anything
There is one element
One bone one estimated cost
One animal one dream one paramount leader

Who dreams down on us all
Into one animal bone

Everything I say
One sound or silence

There is one love
And the universe is right-handed

posted by Jordan #