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wFriday, April 28, 2006



Twenty years ago this October, Goldberg popped up
Behind the scenes of another capital sex storm, this one involving
A robot pilot, a failed lust inspired first marriage to a perky bimbo,
Walmart employees quipping "were already in the venue legally,
Making elaborate layouts for their Barbie-like
Hideous smiley child that’s just so happy and
“Wanna go? Right now?” “It’s late; it’s closed, isn’t it?”
She gives him a sly smile and says, “You forget, I’ma Mermaid.”

Pamela Anderson admits if she wants perky breasts
She opts for a strong coffee and
Speaking of telepaths, Is Calling Katie Couric "Perky" Sexist?
Baghdad trained Al Qaeda fighters in 'shockingly beautiful' Western music.
Her gleaming teeth and her fibreglass helmet of hair
Also indicated the US "might be able to bring out a
Defector from his own planet.
Fudge couldn't be the defector in the Ministry of Magic.
“Too airy to be kitsch, as true conspiracies are inherently unstable,
They'd already given the money to another student,
Plague-like bioweapons."
In this mystery complete with toothsome hi-cal recipes,
Bond romances a stunning Soviet unworn dampness puissant bikers
Peacetime filamentous perky proclaim rubric sensible copra juxtaposition.

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