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wWednesday, May 17, 2006



There are far more exceptionally gifted crack babies
in the population than anyone realizes.

Many have SARS.

Don't get confident with a 25 year old crack baby.

Why do so many people in the Middle East dislike
numbers? Numbers are our friends. Animal migrations
was not fun. We have fisherman who
learned that fierce, global crack babies
teaches us about our own universe's vulvular folds.

"Mmhmm sauce!" -- Joshua has some other interesting observations.

People love photos of crack babies. Online quizzes
are different from actual avian viruses.

It's like playing stratego whacked out on
coca cola in linday lohan's hamper --
you realize afterwards nobody
has made eye contact with you in two years

The dedication of people of Norway who have repressed trauma
in investigating ghosts with prenatal cocaine exposure
with a classification of "Fuck You"
is 'truly useful.'

Biodiesel should not be made from crack,
or the crack babies will climb into your urethra.
Spiders should not use telepathy on minstrel singers,
unless someone wants to make fun of "hipsters"
to repel a fear of aging. Making bake-bake
with Gary Kasparov is thermodynamically
Photoshop for beginners. To avoid this disaster with
Keanu anthrax missteps, the whole shooting incident
could mean you finally get into Harvard
wearing your "crack baby" t-shirt. Way to go, dickslap.

That's where Bill Luoma comes in.
The soldiers quote old shaker sayings
in a "Philip K. Dick-kick-ick" cock block
clergy fluctuation. They are so hot they are
"beyond capitalism." Martin Luther King didn't die
so you could write poems about "crack babies"

Nuclear luster weapons are some of the most
racist frozen snowballs of mud and ice
to carry out studies of what people think
'black' 'white' 'brown' 'high yellow' 'pink'
'grey' 'ofay' and 'blue' mean.

Jesus Christ is the truth, though,
and that enables sophisticated urban types
with pogo sticks up their asses
to party at the Hog's Head! Bring your crack baby,
we're extra hongry for dung hemispheres
In "New York" -- hey New York, Jesus loves me!
Hope you think on that when Dick Cheney
melts you down for edible sars-dick!

posted by Jordan #