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wSaturday, May 27, 2006


So cross with life and myself
For pushing what feeling electrifies me
Into dark corners (you know
The Fold could be by Stephen King
As easily as Deleuze) to protect always
For what? as the French say meaning
Why meaning exe meaning double-you

Teach a baby the witch alphabet
And run, that's what life and myself
Do around the corner of a girder
In any given subway and I am
Pained and relieved not to know
Sign language, it's the same glance
That hands over the treelight

On the one hand, to get the grades
Without even looking (of course)
And the other, to effuse suave baby
Charm diagnostics, this famous
Alleged anglo reserve evaporating
And a comedy troupe come carry
My cashmere bouquets to your door

Then once there this more of the same
Deliciously vanquishing
Whatever else there is to talk
See do believe oppose or marinade
Besides show both tribute to your
Gorgeous lissome spirit and this life
You love for me to make as I will

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