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wTuesday, May 30, 2006


Get parallel with Millicent
And radio Andy Pingpong.

Roger I copy, I copy Roger,
The weird standing aside
Of all basements,
And the damp advertisements

I am elephants
Guest starring on a cruise ship
Presentation of La Boheme,
An opera without elephants

The trumpet of the parked car
Crosses the secrets
That fall from new pines
Onto a shore crossed out
With magic marker

The haze can't finish my water
Without stealing a dog
From the epitaph of night

It's there we arrange to intubate
A many-layered bud vase
For walking down the hall
With intimidation on its breath

Now a long stretch of being loved
Looks out into the eyes
Of the polo squad, and now
Squeeze me in each of several rooms

This is how marketing
Crowds into the back of the bus
To drain the bacon over the gravel

And the white paint
Comes to work, disguised
As a character actor

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