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wFriday, June 09, 2006


What is tax-exempt may also be tawdry.

Self-fulfilling self-analysis. Self-addressed, self-loading (not loathing).

An ogive in the offing, Oistrakh and the ogdoad of okapi listen to each other.

The lanky landowner languishes in the language lab, lanolin on the lancet.

Cover the cylinder with a cymbal.

Castigate Castro no more.

Stigmatize James Stewart, then stick him with stichomythics. The sticker shock alone will take sticking plaster.

Feed the phalangist pfeffernuss. (Phallocentrist!)

Madison Avenue's magic lantern is a magnet for the Mae West mafia.

Gravid, graveside, the graymailer tugged on her greatcoat as the great ape by the gravy boat turned the gravitational lens toward her.

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