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wThursday, March 22, 2007


INTUITIVELY, after reading Larry Joseph

Would I recognize a new Terry Southern if he or she were to materialize,
I drink so much celery tonic the seas look like green fields
And the development of toxic cleanup sites into homes for the beautiful
Is a subject aching for the Julia Roberts treatment

But I am not aching, I am nodding politely
As the row of nesting dolls from John Berendt to Henry James
Tell me what I am missing existing among the brand names
Of ludicrous abject pixie mercator projections

Sunlight sincerely ice water for the heels all bankshot
Diggity, do you want to know more about industry types
Or give it up for the music control gang suds, and if you say
It depends on the industry you get four more years of modish politesse

Oh exhale for the criminal rage pimentos
Crying out for olive-complected neighborhood armada
(In this case a couple dozen motorboats and an ex-tugboat captain
Weighing in at 320 lbs, worth a bag of rubies and pfft)

Or don't exhale, like I care how you crumble your adult life
Into the fizz, I have my own waking dreams of exercise
To paste up in the bean formica carburetor Rauschenbergismo
That in its sad lack of a patent bad boy imprimatur

Will have to wait its turn by the carousel
For a cameo, and meanwhile arousal
You are waiting and I am typing this as the files wash in.
It's just like us. We want to run straight into it.

posted by Jordan #