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wSaturday, September 06, 2008



SRA cards and chalk dust
Basic traveling across the muckety muck
A robust royalty destroyed and glistening
Some assembly mystifies the blue bulbs
Heat and cold smoking the difference engine
The permission tattoo saints Columba and Louis
(Incredible tradewar nonagons) mete to shills
Try me, erace white in the zone
Legroom for dummies, whalebreath predates
A niece in Puerto Vallarta
Going softly from sofa to pie land
The dame hurried improv into shuckfest convenience
But sun shines bright and sun shines best
The train hours plunk
Ten gallon hat in the lagoon, supersize me
But mess with my floozy and you'v donated
Your last words to science, tundra and whatnot
Sideways as a wooden spoon

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