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wFriday, August 19, 2011



Was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and composer born in Fairfield, Texas.
Universally admired and respected by his peers and fellow trumpeters,
Dorham took piano lessons from the age of 7. Almost famous for being underrated,
This singular talent, who proved to be a discerning critic as his Down Beat reviews revealed,
Attended Anderson High School in Austin, where he began teaching himself to play piano
Then shifted to trumpet in high school in Austin, spending much of his time on the school
Boxing team. His debut on the trumpet was with a dance band at Wiley College,
Where he studied pharmacy. In 1942, he joined the army, becoming a member of their
Boxing team. He was never an influential force himself but a talented bop-oriented trumpeter,
And in 1943, began working with trumpeter, Russell Jacquet, “Illinois” Jacquet’s older brother.
He later enrolled at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, studying chemistry and minoring in physics.
Kenny's playing got better and better from 1954 onwards. He entered the Army in 1942,
Where he was on the boxing team, and starting playing with Russell Jacquet in 1943.
He went on to moderate success leading his own combos through the '60s.
During this time he experimented with arranging, writing for the stage band.
He earned the nickname “Quiet Kenny” due to his quiet, subdued sound.
He was drafted into the army in 1942 (spending some time with the army boxing team),
Replacing Miles Davis in Charlie Parker’s group from 1948 to 1950.
From the mid to late '40s he worked with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, and
Was constantly overshadowed by more obviously brilliant and original voices during his lifetime.
He was an excellent composer who played in some very significant bands.
There is now a "school" of Dorham trumpet playing.

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