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wMonday, March 03, 2003



Come overtake me as I walk
From school to school
Betting on the cable
To go pardoned baseball mandrake

Brads and cans,
Have you cash for he of flatrock?

Bee deep
Tame lime
White wheat
Fame nail
Quiet mass

Looking around
The inadvertant publicity

The ginsu mansard
The resale yam magnet
In a twin liaison with a raison de terre

O yon yam-magnet,
What gneiss of dramatista
Gave this hallowed half-palindrome
The baby of courage

The goatbleat of a modem
Sedentary in the east

Permeable monument earliest
Shout of mesh
Cup o shame
Product night in lessons of "Stan"

Pink night

Solving essence giggle the wash tow
Blast pints (this is a mist)
This mist of blast pints
Lava could shout pink mesh.

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