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wMonday, March 03, 2003



Conjugate a germ
Into a stereo hello.
Conjugate these stereos
And art is. Conjugate
These stereos of
Perennial geraniums.
Conjugate this terra.
These cherries are for
Stereo. These cherries
Are for clever chairs.
Conjugate these fathers
For a geriatric stereo.
Conjugate these areas
For barely at the cameo.
Not to be a cannibal
Is barely in the stereo.
Conch and skate are Berio.
At the latest, April.
How you know of Berlioz.
How they say it isn't so.
What the words are I don't.
How it is is you foretold.
Conjugate in stereo.
Nestled in the undertow.

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