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wThursday, September 16, 2004



Overrated, generally, though there are contexts...
Behind every great fortune there is a great context.

Tingling feelings' cousin.

The stereo sits waiting for me to light up its robot mouth.
I am surrounded by taxes and instances of future publication
I have yet to make actual. Four times today I played
A song about fear, does that make me too compulsive for you?

I passed the hamburger stand
With five dollars in my pocket.

I tested the limits of my vulnerability
Then decided to start loving

The light pummelling upward through the notch
Between the pencils and the throb

Of all these filthy meanings a mayor
Can't abandon simply by giving a film crew a permit

To the ramparts, he shouted like a child
And we admired his absolutist gusto

Until it was clear he was incapable of following orders
And moreover would not rest until we were dead

So we played canasta (yes, that's what we're calling it now)
And listened to our cell phones as our interlocutors witnessed

Free spirits lobbing
Kits at the standing water
I mean kites
At the breeze off
The long-turned tide,

There was much to feel
And yet we'd signed on
For too big a supply
Of these moods,

This legendary first person
We'd heard so much about.

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