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wMonday, September 20, 2004



Light in August is basically
The light of April and May. It's
September, so the sunglasses
I lost one morning moving the car
In accordance with local regs
Were missed when I went out
For a slow walk on my lunch hour.

Third Avenue is melancholy
And beside the point. You can put
Plywood out in front of a building,
Let wheatpasters stick bills
With fashion designers blowing themselves
Away, and then lean against the side,
And pedestrians will just deal.

I used to like it here. General
Assembly time would bring out
Some spirited opposition to the state,
Making up for the loss of the farmer's
Market that week. But now, I'm
Using the "but now" construction
To see what kind of a curmudgeon I'd make.

Not much of one, actually. I'd rather
Be kicking around a number five
Soccer ball or elevating my heart rate
On a treadmill. Say, do you think
In his Marvell parody, J.A. puts
Soccer next to recess because
Those two words are almost the same?

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