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wMonday, September 20, 2004



When I think of all the domains
I let slip through my fingers
The one that hurts the most
Is fogdog.com. I was like,
Did we register all the short rhyming ones
Or did we max out the card
With a buttload of latinate four syllable names
Nobody's aunt-the-lifer-teacher would even search on?

Search on. Remember that?
Anyway, I met this chick, this lady,
And she was all like "Well,"
And I was "Hi." That's really almost always
The way to go, the lo-fi approach,
The, you know, just say "hi" and
If there's anything there it's there.

I mean, I've done the get-all-wild-eyed
And-tell-stories-about-Dokken-shows thing.

posted by Jordan #