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wSunday, October 03, 2004



America -- we stand around
And make sure something
Doesn't get away. At the end of the day

We collect a check, or,
In most cases, some chits
To use at the px. Pecos Bill

Understood this. June Carter
Says that even if you were a miller
She would persist in her wish

To be impregnated by you;
What you do is not who you are
And where you live

Is a matter of luck.
Feel lucky. It may be the cows
Do too, even if

They're on the wrong continent
To be revered, Texas always
Looks like India to me,

And Indonesia the Caribbean.
When you go McDonalds,
The burger you order has come

From forty different countries.
In investing, they call that
Diversification; McIndex Fund.

Anyway, everybody from France
I ever met, the first thing they want
When they get here is a burger.

It's a shame about the BSE over there.
It couldn't happen here, and I know
Because they made Oprah say it couldn't.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I've got to go work out how
To collect and convert methane

Into useable fuel.
Adios, pardner.
Happy sunset to you.

posted by Jordan #