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wSunday, October 03, 2004



I can hear the critics -- they're me.
They say,
This is better known as
Robert Pinsky on the Simpsons.

This is a plastic bag
Aloft in the street,
Stolen from a thief
Who swiped it from a thug.

Do you know Bubble Duck
And Bugs Bunny? All the trash
Has germs
The tundra devil sends

To Germany movies. That's what
Bubble tundra is. Bittersweet
As lingerie
By the side of the road,

How do you like your hearts,
Mister Jinx Card.
Price lists, candy wrappers.
The messiest object

Contains multitudes. I can hear
The signs by the side of the road
Say "Bette Midler." Inside a joke
It's too dark to read.

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