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wFriday, October 29, 2004



Regrets? I've 'ad a few, says the singer,
Sings the sayer. The thing about singing
On an airplane is, it's like sleeping
With the guide who helps you climb the mountain.
I don't know how it's like it, actually.

What are the airplanes. They are
The newest fleet, complete with a masseuse.
Her name is X. When I vote
And I'm voting all the time
The feeling of anybody's destiny

Grins amiably, suppressing a bitter
Tiger, one nevertheless amusing
And loveable in a dangerous way.
The poet mentions walking across the street
With two small children (her own). Is it

Too easy to be included in a poem?
Try walking across the street
With two small children. Try voting
And maybe even keeping score.
If I speak my mind will I lose it?

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