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wSaturday, October 30, 2004



From now on country will be referred to as village.
The cascading seas of paper mean I prefer to think
About incoming magazines over my purported dreams,

A list of the countries affected by the attacks
Goes on much longer than anticipated o bicameral
Consciousness. The political signs aren't uniform

Neighborhood by neighborhood. I labor to provide
A roll of paper towels when the pilsner spills,
And go to work for hand-me-down train videos.

Keeping consistent from dream to dream is my cold
Morning stimulant. The sack in the hall is stuffed
With anthologies, just try and carry it uptown.

The difference between nice and lovable. Leave
Your pizzazz on the stack of coats, cold and cloudy
Perp walk afternoon. Singing along is free, alas.

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