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wSunday, October 31, 2004



Right. John Cleese's first communion.
Salma Hayek's middle-school graduation.
John Dean's deflowering. Ed Norton's
Potty training. Carl Yazstremski's
Sabbatical. Adam Sandler's bar mitzvah.
Robert Christgau's report card. Susan
Sarandon's first Bette Davis movie,
The first novel Nicole Holofcener read,
Latifah's first nickname. Billy Graham's
Birthday. Oral Roberts'. Tammy Faye's.
Kofi Annan's first rebuke. Flora Nwapa's
Trip to Port Harcourt. Kasimir Malevich's
Ferberizing. Francesca Woodman's
First polaroid. Gerard Depardieu's first
Audition, Harry S Truman's ride on a train,
Christa Wolf's first flight to the west.
Edwidge Danticat's first day on campus,
Dave Eggers' last day at Might. Ron
Padgett's ride as the Tulsa Kid. Gidon
Kremer arrives to study with Oistrakh.
Russell meets Wittgenstein. Lyn Hejinian
Barrett Watten. Mario Cuomo's first debate
Club. Dylan hears Guthrie. Ginsberg sees Blake.
Bernadette Mayer enrolls at the New School.
Kenneth Koch sends poems to Poetry. Hayao
Miyazaki picks up a pen. Guillaume
Apollinaire peeps through a keyhole.
Paul Klee spills a glass. Nancy Pelosi
Gets in and out of a fight. John Kerry
Looks in the mirror. Jim Carrey writes
Himself a million dollar check.

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