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wMonday, February 21, 2005


The morning hits the reset button.

The lego pirate crawls out from the marbles.

Victor is valuable.

Tow the line. Toe it.

The pinched nose

Enjoys the bowling alley more.

A heap of hoaxes.

Cigarettes for Veronica.

Wishing music into existence.

Symphony for highways.

The pieces scatter on the table.

Blast through the shadows.

Look at all those petri dishes

Naked as the day they were.

What are the lighthouses saying?

Olympians, have some blankies.

Litigators, it's quiet time.

My heart a supercapacitor.

My forearm the authentic demand.

Travel guides for times of day.

In a dream I was close to someone;

In another one I spoke French.

I wonder where the cannon is.

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