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wMonday, February 21, 2005


It's a free day so I turn
My attention to this theme song project;
Some words for JJ to set to sing
At the top of every show.
Maybe I could sing them with him,
Maybe that'd be too
Garrison Keillor even for me.
Think Dick Cavett, think Merv,
Bill Murray's lounge act:
"Star Wars, my beautiful Star Wars!"

I wonder whether the snow
Has made Christo's publicity
Any more poignant, and if
My lawyer has finished drafting
My new life yet. Green, red, brown, black,
The colors of the toy bricks
Talk to each other in Danish.
If I say enough different kinds of things,
Speak quietly to the fearless incumbents
And charge into the conversation
With a mullet and a Dokken tee

(Tons of dogs like bots and cod)

It will be a version of myself
I'm not embarrassed
To continue to repress
Simply because it's not me. Me Dick Cavett,
You Julia Stiles. Me Jack Paar
You Ursula Andress. Me Ellen Degeneres
And there the plausibility meter said

What, ho! fair talk show host,
Be this some Meatloaf type x-travaganza?
Forsooth a rhyme or two would
Bring gladness to an old machine.

It's Wednesday again,
The third of the month.
You know what happens then --
We find a rhyme for month.

In nineteen-ninety he had a dream
Of writing poems until he dropped.
Let's try this again from the top.

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