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wTuesday, September 06, 2005



Ah nobody
Wants to see through
The clothes
Of the prose

Into the heart of the heart
The artificial artichoke
The fries and shake combo

Because that's the thing
That matters most now
The racism at the door
Of the casual mambo

The corporationism
Pain radiating from the spine
Out to the wilderness
Of a clinic's giddyup

Look at the end
Of the word
To understand
Roman cruelty

And I will tune up
The motorcycles

Playing "the beginning of censorship"
In my headphones

Like an abstract painting
You want to own
To ignore

I can obviate all that bonus pringle can mush
Just by turning on the Mickeyvision
For a wide lugnut spaz out formative moment

Known as "live before a studio audience"

posted by Jordan #