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wTuesday, September 06, 2005


The new century begins at a customs window:

UBU: It's not a muu muu it's a flag painting

JAP JOHNS: In point of fact I find Dubuffet's "paste"
A sore ray from the crown of unsleeping

PETER GIZZI: The object of looking into the heart
Of time is as yet unknown and yet in a prison
In California Johnny Cash spoke truth to power
And for that we can only admire the goofiness
Of the great printers' errors of our time,
Apollinaire's Zone, for example.

UBU: My wish is not to have to eat shit again.

GADDIS: And that is why I am not a poet.

MARKSON: Always rationalizing, bless your heart.

MOSLEY: Without rationalization, what reason
Would we have at all?

BBC1 WEATHER: Cloudy, with a chance of clouds,
Followed by some clouding up in the evening.

THE GODDESS NIKE: Revealing the names of spies is treason.

THE GOD HERMES: Stealing from the treasury
By awarding contracts to yourself is also treason.

THE GOD APOLLO: Treason is punishable by death.

THE GOD ZEUS: I am what I am.

THE GODDESS HERA: We create our own reality.

UBU: I create a coil of shit!

JAP JOHNS: I paint targets and flags.

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