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wWednesday, September 07, 2005


A playwright workshop in Moscow.

CHEKHOV: Looking at American movies I realize
I probably shouldn't have said that, about the gun.

TURGENEV: Oh but it's true. As I said
Climbing into the lifeboat ahead of the women,
My heart rate is elevated, give me the oars.

DOSTOEVSKY: Wrap it up, gentlemen.

TOLSTOY: Gentlemen, go on.

O'BRIEN: Gentlemen, what'll it be, lights or darks.

CHEKHOV: Darks, and a plate of crackers and onions.

BLACKBURN: Those guys are so fixated on the big picture.

OPPENHEIMER: I know what you mean.

BLACKBURN: Don't you see, what gives us life
Just as much as our big decisions and heartbreaks
Are the little glimpses (muffled by roar of laughter from the Russians)

OPPENHEIMER: All the same, I kind of want to drink
Somewhere they let women in, Paul. Or blacks.

BLACKBURN: America is changing, Joel. Williams
Saw that, and pointed the way. Why aren't everybody

OPPENHEIMER: They think Williams is a hick, Paul.
If they'd just look at Spring and All (muffled by roaring Russians)

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