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wThursday, September 15, 2005



The merchandise hasn't arrived
So we ask the people behind the counter
If they can make a rubberstamp
For the stack of invoices up to my nostrils
We don't want this miser of quiet seesaw
Fluorescence to come xeroxing the pervy know-nothing
Visible world

It happens that way to us, it's like radio
Was a kind of soda and mementos
Proofread your arg arg arg

That's the fee season I want to play calamine lotion in,
The white-faced resuscitation order
I carve into the side of an ice World Trade

Now I lie down on the ironing board,
Now I shop for overspecific appliances
I am horrified to have gone back into the abbatoir
To find my keys, Buddha, what the fuck?

The falcon summons me to a cholesterol screening

I demand to see the presiding officer's molars

Names don't worry thin Binky except when he's opening his eyes
And when that alien light shines under the doors
He can kiss Duane Reade's ass
With a footnote explaining to the aliens what a Duane Reade is

Binky, close your eyes

What are you doing here, Binky?

Corniness comes from centralized power structures
Take for example Malachi McCourt
The trees were knocked down twenty miles away
The force of Frank McCourt is ten times that

Now I'm tired and will rest on the divan
With a diva

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