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wMonday, December 19, 2005



I wasn't assimilating the bean-rays
When twisty daylight compounded
All the interest from here to San Diego,
I was thinking of bringing you
All-you-can-eat good news,

The wedding of time and light
In the garden of little doubt.
There was a third person in the car
Telling me to drive faster. You
Were versed in her sweetness

And how the pressure of the hills
Played on the chassis like ribbon candy,
The pretty shit that tranquilizes
The repeated messages of billboards
To check-out our midseason replacement,

Shake the governor's martini,
Do what for lack of water the greenery
Can only dream about. Prompted
To be grateful, I looked like someone
Told to look alive. It was work.

You know what, though,
Let the focus groups say if reasoning
Would enjoy a comeback, I'm supposed
To stay home under the bed
Until the hovercars are in production?

I don't have the answers but I do
Know how to stay on message:
The consistent world and surprise
Have a thing for each other.

What, you want smug and pithy?

posted by Jordan #