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wFriday, April 28, 2006



Are you feeling cute and paranoid about Bush and the NSA spying on you?
When he's not gnawing on a schlong that doesn't belong tohim,
Something about revolution and television goes here,
Radiohead and cute girls with pipes and bongs
Moving special blocks over all the marked holes
For four decades of gloriously cute mini bags containing
Nanotech robots waiting to attach to your nervous tissue
And signal the moonbats to come play Sigourney Weaver
To your comments field, intelligent, well mannered, well educated,
Polite, sexy, vulgar, quick witted, kind, thoughtful, giving,
I use Snuggle fabric softener because I can't resist
The Cute Boyfriend Blues, what with the religious visions and
You think y ou're following "good security" but in the real world
It's nice to have a li'l angel who can make her dad
Like a cute German Shepherd, the cat cooking my embies,
I know she wants to go out and meet new guys but she says that
John went where no man has gone before
And monorails can't be all that bad if puppies ride free.

She is soo cute when she's paranoid (which is all the time).

posted by Jordan #